Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities & Hospital Relocation Services


With continued pressure in the healthcare industry to cut costs, healthcare facilities need an efficient transition plan to minimize downtime and maximize operation productivity throughout a move project.

Your typical hospital relocation requires the coordination of move sequences where two existing facilities are combined into one replacement hospital. There is typically an overlap of existing furniture to be re-utilized, and the accompanying management of IT/Departmental   move sequences for schedule cohesion.

Whether a healthcare facility is relocating to a new location or reconfiguring an existing space, it is crucial to plan, organize and manage critical tasks that help to ensure a successful transition resulting in patient ready facility on day one.


  • Move Management
  • IT Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Tear Down  and Re-Install Modular Furniture
  • Command Center/Committee Participation
  • Technology Integration
  • Laboratory Prep/Movement
  • Manufacturer Tech Coordination
  • Wipe Down Service</li>

Relocation Management:

  • Provide One Singular Team of Expertise to alleviate or minimize handoffs in the support/install/move process.
  • Equipment will be staged on campus with an equipment schedule integrated into the Master Move Schedule
  • Staffing will be housed close in proximity to the Medical Campus to alleviate variables in a Winter Move