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Phased Office Move

The most common approach for an office move consists of three phases. The phases are pre-move preparation, office relocation and post move smooth set.

Pre-Move Preparation:

The goal of the pre-move crew is to get as much ready to move as possible so when the large office move crew begins trucks can immediately begin being loaded.

The following activities typically take place during the pre-move:

  • Common Area Packing – Kitchens, Supply Rooms, File Rooms & Libraries
  • Furniture Disconnect – Desk Return, Hutches, Conference Tables, Modular or Cubicle Furniture
  • Load Electronics – Place PC’s, Monitors, Printers, Scanners & Fax on Machine Carts

Office Relocation:

There are two types of office moves the shuttle and the Load and go. The shuttle involves having a crew at origin loading the trucks with trucks rotating between origin and destination, and a crew at destination unloading the trucks. This is required on larger moves when multiple truckloads need to move within a short amount of time.

The Load and go is exactly what it implies a move that involves loading all furniture at once, driving to destination and unloading.

Post Move Smooth Set:

Pre planning a post move smooth set is critical to successful office relocation. A post move involves a small crew of movers coming out after the move, when the full staff has returned. This crew will go room to room making sure the furniture ends up in the correct location and that PC’s and printers and data lines can be reached from their desired works surface location.

The post move can also involve installers that can hang pictures, dry erase boards and flat screen TV’s. You also might want to consider adding an IT technician that can go room to room confirming data connections are working and hook up PC’s.

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