James Welch Bio

04/02/2019 11:44 AM | Deleted user

I was raised in a military family, military brat. I was born in Nagoya Japan and went to 9 different elementary schools, 2 high schools and two Universities. When dad retired as a Lt. Colonel in 1975, he called me at school and told me to be ready when summer starts. He showed up in a 48’ Mayflower rig and my moving career started.

I moved to Texas in 1977 and worked part time with American Relocation in Austin, TX. I went into sales in 1979 and became one of the top 10 international bookers for Mayflower International within 2 years. In 1983 I was transferred by Mayflower to El Paso where I became the youngest General Manager for the Mayflower Warehouse Division, I was 25.

I have since been very fortunate in sales booking accounts such as Dell, Applied Materials, University of Texas, AMD, Samsung and others. I really enjoy mentoring young salespeople as well as teaching Packing Classes, Class-A CDL classes, and certified mover classes.

In the past years I keep telling myself I am going to go out and get a job and this 44 year part time job that I work on 70 hours a week is just a hobby. I love the industry and I love the people in the moving business. They are tough, kind and giving.

My hobbies are wood working making toy trucks, golf, fishing, and whatever my wife tells me I need to do.

Raised two daughters and have two granddaughters who never hear "No" as an answer.

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