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Make Your Industrial Move Easier with Preparation

06/30/2014 2:28 AM | Deleted user

When you’re considering and industrial move, there are certain things you can do to better prepare for it. Making a checklist is rather common but do you know what exactly needs to be on that list? Important items can be missed resulting in an increase in downtime and a decrease in productions. Let’s go over some of the important items you’ll want to have on your list.

Delegate roles to key individuals: Place someone in charge of in-house coordination if you don’t plan on assuming the role yourself. It’s important for your employees to know whom they can go to with questions, suggestions, and direction for preparing their individual workstations and departments. It would be a good idea to have a coordinator at both origin and destination if you will be moving locally. Often moving companies can conduct loading and delivering at the same time if the move requires multiple trucks.

Charge another person with the role of Motivator. This person would be responsible for ensuring individuals and departments don’t end up unprepared for the move. In some cases when the movers arrive, there may be a department that is less prepared causing a delay in the move process and ultimately costing you more money. If you are moving machines, certain program and maintenance procedures may need to be done before moving. You’ll want to make the right people have been notified and are performing such operations in a timely manner.

Machinery, electronics and networks: Speaking of moving machinery, if you have any machines that need special attention prior to moving, make a list and give someone the responsibility of fulfilling it. The last thing you need on moving day is a long break in your move having to wait for something to be serviced last minute. Machines and electronics often require hardware and program maintenance as stated above, and networks need to be disconnected by IT professionals who can both disconnect and reconnect your computers, servers and other electronics safely and efficiently.

One of the final items on your list should be to make a destination floor plan. You’ll want to ensure that your workstations and all other assets are going to fit properly at destination. Make sure access to each room is sufficient for what items will go in them. Consider if your industrial movers will need to negotiate any tight clearances or entryways and have solutions in mind if and when an issue arises.

With members of CRN, you will work with industrial movers who are abundantly equipped with knowledge and experience to provide you with the successful move you want. Your moving company representative and crew foreman will be able to provide you with an effective moving plan and also help with solving any issues throughout your move process.

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