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How to Configure Your Office Space for the Most Efficient Use

07/11/2014 2:26 AM | Deleted user

Some office designs are more efficient than others. As a small business owner, you understand the importance of efficiency. The last thing you want is employees all bottled up who need to move around a lot physically, and that ruins your productivity. Every office is different, so there’s no one right way to design a new office setup. But you can follow these tips to make your office space more efficient: 1. Do you really need the AC? Have you ever asked your employees how warm or cold they feel during the day? Cold temperatures cause your muscles to constrict and your body to slow down. And productivity falls. Work with them to get a comfortable temperature. And if it’s warmer, you’ll save money too. 2. Minimize Meeting Rooms How often do meeting rooms really get used? Not all day long like your other office space! Either eliminate this space entirely and use it for more valuable business purposes, or minimize the amount of space you use for meetings. 3. Make Moving Around Easy It might only cost you a couple minutes per day, but that lost time adds up significantly over the course of the month and year. Ask your employees for the most common reasons they need to move around, and arrange your desks and office equipment accordingly. 4. Consider Hiring an Organizer Your CRN team may also know several adjustments you can make to increase efficiency. However, a professional organizer has been there and done that in the past, and knows how to save you good money and make you more efficient right away. 5. View it as an Ongoing Process Even if you hire a professional organizer, you may not get the perfect office space layout right away. Recognize that your business changes, and so do its needs. Keep taking one step, one day at a time, and you’ll eventually get that ridiculously efficient office design you’ve always dreamed of. 6. Be Willing to Let Employees Arrange their Own Space What works for one person may not work for another. Each employee may have his or her idea of what the most efficient desk arrangement is. Let them have control over their own spaces, and they’ll be much more efficient workers. Follow those tips for efficient office design, and you’ll be off to a great start at your new business location.

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