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Organization is Key When Moving a Hospital

07/15/2014 9:09 AM | Deleted user

When it comes to moving offices and even whole businesses, preparation and having a well thought out plan are major keys to success. The same applies to large corporations and even hospital moves, just on a much larger scale. For many professional moving companies, such a task can seem overwhelming but for members of CRN, moving a hospital is just another day’s work.

When dealing with a large scale relocation project, it’s best to break it down into smaller parts. For example which departments would benefit relocating first compared to others? What if some departments are massive and complex compared to others? How do you keep operations going while the move is conducted? These are all questions of concern you may be asking yourself and the solution is rather simple: consult with your commercial moving consultant and the commercial moving foremen who be leading the crews.

Your commercial moving consultant will basically interview you and find out what your hospital’s specific needs are by asking the right questions. He or she will help you formulate a total relocation plan and will assist with breaking the plan into smaller pieces while focusing on efficient organization. It is a good idea to include the commercial foremen because they are the crew members who will convey your instructions to the general movers and manage their performance on site and a daily basis. Both the consultant and foremen will always be available to help you along your goals until your moving project is fulfilled.
How long will your move take? It is not uncommon for a hospital move to take several weeks or even longer depending on your specific goals and schedule. In many cases, your hospital movers are able to work efficiently without your presence or supervision, therefore allowing you to focus on your work where you need to be. With the right movers you will feel less overwhelmed, less stress, and more comfortable knowing your project will come to completion in a smooth, orderly and professional manner.

What about your hospital’s sensitive, complex and expensive equipment and other assets? Can your hospital movers handle everything safely and carefully? Are they qualified? You don’t need to be worried about members of CRN because they must be qualified and certified to meet or exceed the toughest of industry standards. The Commercial Relocation Network only provides the best in the business and that means your movers will have the appropriate equipment, professional attitude and the experience to handle all aspects of your hospital move both efficiently and safely.

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