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After Move Space Decommissioning Check

07/21/2014 9:17 AM | Deleted user

Once your moving goals have been completed whether you have relocated your offices or perhaps even your whole business, you may still need to decommission space at your previous location. It would be a good idea to and make a list of what needs to be done at the facility before you plan on setting a timeframe for the decommission services.

Whether you inspect your prior location yourself or delegate the responsibility to another member of your team be sure to thoroughly inspect the space that needs decommissioning. Make a to do list to help keep track of what needs to be done. For example, you may have decided to leave furniture, expired inventory, worn out equipment, or other items behind after moving and they will need to be removed from the building. If you had to install networking cable throughout the building, they may need to be removed as well. There are a number of tasks to do after moving from a building or offices and removing old assets or wiring is only part of it.

During the inspection be sure to note any damages like cracked floor tiles, scuffed walls or corners where machinery, pallets or even forklifts may have made contact, and also check doors and windows. Even if there isn’t any damage to note, you will want to have the space generally cleaned and any present trash removed.

Often in storage rooms, warehouses and industrial departments, there will be leftover inventory such as chemicals, miscellaneous equipment parts and pieces, hardware, broken pallets, or perhaps old stains and spills. You will want to have it all removed and then the space cleaned. Keep in mind that ceiling fans and perhaps the ventilation system may need to be inspected and cleaned as well especially if used for filtering chemicals or toxins.

Space decommission can be a large task at the end of a move. Speak with your CRN move consultant or moving crew foreman and they will be able to help you with decommissioning your space, and will be able to provide more information on who you will need to contact for special services if any are needed.

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