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Make a Simple Checklist For Your Office Move

11/07/2014 4:33 AM | Deleted user

No matter how small or large your office move may be there is always the potential for increased stress if you don’t take the time to prepare. Your movers will do the best they can to alleviate all of your stress but you need to properly prepare as well in order to be more effective on your end.

It’s actually not as hard as you think to get your offices and staff ready to move. Simply follow the plan your move consultant will provide you with and be sure to make a checklist to get started on pre-move organizing. There are plenty of things to do so it’s most helpful to designate someone to assist your staff with staying on track to ensure their individual spaces, workstations and departments are prepared before moving day.

To make a useful checklist, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Have all desks been cleared and emptied? Loaded drawers can lead to some unsightly messes during handling and some items can be misplaced end up lost altogether.
  • Have file cabinets been secured and are there spare keys available if original keys are lost?
  • Have tall supply cabinets and shelving units been emptied? These items will most likely be laid on their sides during handling to clear doorways. You wouldn’t want anything to fall over or end up lost.
  • Have all electrical assets such as computers, printers, monitors, peripherals and phones been disconnected and labeled properly? Have all printers been serviced and ink cartridges removed if required?
  • Are all pictures and dry erase boards off the walls and ready to move?
  • Did you empty and disconnect the break room refrigerator if you have one? Is all perishable trash emptied?
  • Don’t forget to schedule appropriate services providers such as IT professionals to service your networks both at origin and destination, and remember to designate a trash clean up crew or hire professionals.

Having a checklist will help you with preparing for you move. Choosing the right office movers to begin with however will ensure you the greatest moving experience with the least amount of stress. When you work with CRN you will get the best movers in the industry, while your checklist ensures you’re ready for the move to begin.

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