Win-Win with Long-term Commercial Moving Relationships

I’ll start by saying that last week and next week will be some of the busiest weeks I’ve had in my 30 year career!   I currently have 4 major commercial relocations going on at the same time.  One will be stretched out over a two year period (contract for over $600,000), one only lasts a week.  The other two are three to four week projects.  These four projects represent revenue in excess of one million dollars.

A challenge for commercial moving companies (and moving companies in general) is that our business comes in waves.

So how does a commercial moving company manage the surge in business then the drop as the wave eases off seasonally?

The only way we are able to perform these major moves is through client cooperation.  For instance, my clients have agreed to different dates and to different move times and adjusted their schedules accordingly.  Because one of these projects was willing to stretch their move over a ten day period, instead of a weekend, we had adequate personnel resources to accommodate the various projects.

All four clients are long-time customers and it is because of their loyalty to Central Transportation Systems (CTS) and me personally, that this is a, “win-win” situation.  The clients get their moves performed with the same top-level of quality and expertise from our team that they are accustomed to and we stay busy during a down-turned economy.

I’m excited to have made it through this week as I go on vacation in one hour!  Trip has been planned for over a year.  My wife threatened divorce if I cancelled this trip.  J

I know Christmas time will bring the same challenges…but with our flexible team and cooperative customers, I also know we’re ready for it!

Rollin Breed
Central Transportation Systems
Agent for United Van Lines
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Relocation Network