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Office and Facility Moves

Whether you’re moving 10 people or 10,000 we have the expertise required to guarantee the best move you’ll ever make. For large and complex projects that require extensive planning, organization and management, we have the sheer size and broad range of resources to ensure your move is done right, and on time.

Specialty Moves

King has the knowledge and experience to analyze and indentify the unique relocation requirements of your business discipline. Every move is different, and we’re prepared to accommodate your special needs. We’re experts in moving:

  • Legal firms
  • Medical offices
  • Professional firms
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Studio equipment
  • Data centers
  • Computer equipment
  • Inventory/parts supplies
  • File rooms

We’re also specialists in moving warehouses and pallets, racking, shelving and other files systems, as well as complete manufacturing operations. As an added benefit, we can move you all at once, or develop a multi-phase relocation plan for large relocation projects.


Our Services

Planning the Move
One of the keys to our success is the “Plan Right” pre-move process we undertake before we begin any job. We understand that every detail of your move is important, and take the time to ensure we fully understand the scope and nuances of your move project.

Pre-move Activities
We take the same care with pre-move preparations and the actual packing and crating. As a part of our service, we work with you to determine the packing solution that best fits your needs, from basic boxes to standard crates, or for special items, customized wood crating.

When it comes to the move itself, we’re a full service organization. After we pack your assets, we seamlessly transition into the trucking/transportation phase of your move, and then into the physical relocation of each and every box, piece of furniture, and associated equipment.

Follow Up
We always request a follow up review with you after completion of the move to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of our moving services, and we can provide a range of post-move assistance services.


Our Resources

Our labor, truck, equipment, and warehouse resources are among the largest in Southern California. Our best-in-class team includes over twenty qualified and experienced foremen, hundreds of certified, background-checked movers, and dozens of industry-trained packers, licensed and experienced drivers, and certified forklift operators. We offer the largest fleet of modern trucks, in the West, and we can service your needs anywhere in the world due to our associations with CRN, Unigroup, and United Van Lines. Nationally these organizations make up better than two thirds of all the available facility moving resources in the country.


Business Move Process

Our “Plan Right” process is critical to ensuring your move goes as smoothly as possible. Before we get started, we conduct an interview with key personnel to determine your needs and ensure that everyone is on the same page. We then conduct a site survey, and once we have all of the information required, begin developing process and scope-of-work plans to use as our blueprint to success. We use QuickQube, an industry-leading software program which leverages current time and motion studies to help us develop the optimum relocation solution. We also use this program to develop a budget and move plan that ensures you receive the most value for your dollar, and your relocation is completed on time.

We also assist you in conducting move orientation and planning meetings to simplify the move process. And of course, we provide everything you need to pack including labels, plastic crates, and packing material.

Once you’re packed and ready to go, we conduct a walk-through and final pre-move inspection to ensure everything is in order. We also ensure your building is protected during the process, and once your assets have been relocated, work with you to decommission unnecessary furniture, equipment and other items, broom clean your old facility and take care of any last details as needed. We can also assist your employees with relocation activities through our sister company, King Relocation Services.


Best Move Cost Guarantee

Competitive Pricing

We offer the MOST value and service for your transportation dollar – we guarantee it. We will analyze your bids with you to ensure an “apples-to-apples” comparison of your move services and costs. After this careful study, we guarantee our prices will meet or beat any competitor.

Our Full Cargo Protection Plan
King Office Services provides relocation protection on every move. If we break it, you are covered to the liability provided – we guarantee it. Our movers are trained to use extreme care and avoid damage to begin with. Our team is proud of a less than ½ percent claims ratio. This means with our movers, you have little or no chance of broken items. If something does happen, you are protected to the liability limit.

Security Plan
All of our team is put through a thorough background check by the experts in this field, ChoicePoint. Each team member passes a rigorous process before becoming a part of the King Office Services Team. After all checks are verified and the candidates meet our requirements, we issue them a photo ID badge. In today’s complicated and unsure world, we know the importance of security and we guarantee it.

Timely Service Assurance
After more than 50 years of performing office moves we have never missed a completed project timeline. If we say you’ll be moved in to your office on Monday morning, you can count on it, and we have accomplished this 100% of the time. King Office Services will get you up and running in the time we commit to – we guarantee it.

As you can see, our “cost” includes more value – just look at our guarantees. We give you more than our word, we give it to you in writing.

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