The Importance of Security

Protect Sensitive Data during an Office Move
Moving an office to a new location carries heavy responsibility. With an office move, there is more than just furniture and equipment at stake. In dealing with employees and clients, offices are entrusted with sensitive data on a regular basis. While most companies take precautions to prevent data breaches and identity theft, moving is a prime opportunity for sensitive information to wind up in the wrong hands. A reputable mover understands this concern, and will make every effort to ensure that private data remains secure, protecting companies from civil and criminal liabilities. When relocating an office, it is important to choose an office mover skilled in data storage and protection.

Protecting Private Data Through Chain of Custody Procedures
A strict chain of custody protocol is one of the best ways to protect any company’s sensitive information. Chain of custody means that your items are documented, packed, loaded, and sealed. The Montgomery office moving company will always know who is handling your items, and the seal will be checked for tampering or damage each time the load is handed off. This ensures that your materials remain untouched throughout the office move. The seal is only broken for unloading at your new location. The secure chain of custody offers added protection in the unlikely and unfortunate event of a data breach. The office mover can provide answers and a valid defense for the company with clients, the courts, government entities, and other interested parties.

Data Storage for Added Security During Office Relocation
Another excellent option for protecting sensitive data during an office move is to locate and hire the services of a Montgomery office mover specializing in secure data storage. Private records are picked up and stored in a secure data storage warehouse, complete with the added protection of modern fire and safety technologies. Trained personnel oversee the security of all stored records and data, and the items remain safe until they are delivered to the office’s new location or are picked up by an authorized person. By reducing the handling of sensitive data, companies reduce the risk to their clients and the risk of liability for data breaches and identity theft.

Identity Theft: A Matter of Opportunity
Unfortunately, it is not difficult for a savvy thief to obtain sensitive information and steal someone’s identity or, in a large office move, even thousands of identities. All identity thieves need is a little time and opportunity. Failing to protect sensitive information during office relocation could easily give an identity thief the opportunity needed to steal your clients’ and employees’ information. It only takes a few pertinent pieces of data for the thief’s mission to be completed. If a company fails to protect private data, it can be held just as liable for the security breach as the thief who committed the crime. Why take the risk? By utilizing the services of a Commercial Relocation Network member with experience in chain of custody and secure data storage, clients and offices are protected from the potential harm caused by data breaches, saving the company time and money and bringing the move some added peace of mind.


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