Start Planning Your Office Move Early

Moving checklistOne of the most common mistakes made in planning for an office relocation is not starting the process early enough. Too many organizations wait until the last minute to contract with a relocation company. Truth be told, the earlier you start the process, the greater chance the project will be successful on all levels.

Commercial Relocation Network members will work with you to establish a realistic dollar amount that your organization will be investing into the moving services portion of the project so that you don’t have to deal with last minute negotiations / change orders.

CRN members want to become part of your project team. The more time that we have available to help plan, coordinate and assist on the front-end, makes all the difference on move day. Our members will work with you to help implement a detailed move plan / schedule that will limit the amount of employee downtime, conduct employee meetings on the move process, identify non-essential items that could be moved ahead of time, help coordinate loading dock & freight elevator times, help with the decommission and / or sale of old furniture / workstations, etc.

Remember, your CRN member is a resource not just a vendor.

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